Ever wondered that a simple dance routine at a family get together would do wonders for your health? A century back, dancing would have been considered to be mere tool to socialize but today with the ever growing dancing styles and increasing awareness about its benefits, dancing has reached a new high!

From social dancing styles like Salsa, Jive, Waltz to the high-energy ones like Zumba, Hip-Hop, and Bollywood, there’s a dance form for everyone and for every mood. Besides, being mood-uplifting, there are many benefits that dancing has for our body and soul.

More strength and improved health

Dancing not only gets your sweat cells going but improves overall stamina of the body thus helping in endurance training. Unlike walking or running, dancing provides a complete cardio workout for the body. Since, it targets every muscle of your body, dancing is great for muscle toning and strengthening. Studies show that those who indulge in regular dance sessions are less prone to bone related illnesses like osteoporosis.

For those struggling to lose weight, high-intensity dance styles coupled with diet control can do wonders!

Memory Boosting

Learning the steps of a dance form and the correct sequencing helps boost memory, also because when you dance, your body is focusing on several brain functions at once – musical, emotional, and kinesthetic. Again, statistics have attributed to remembering dance steps to eliminating the risk and treating of Alzheimer’s disease.

Better Mental Health

When you sway to the rhythm of your favorite song, your mind is taken off all worries thus helping improve your state of mind and consequently, your overall mental health. Therapists all over the world prescribe dance therapy to people suffering from chronic depression and anxiety so that they socialize more.

Confidence building

Social dancing styles not only get the party going but also help in building and boosting the confidence level of an individual. It is the most easy and proven way to meet and socialize with new people. Co-attending dance classes also helps in better bonding and improving the overall social skills.

Better Balance and Co-ordination

In ageing population, one of the most commonly found risks is that of falling due to imbalance due to old age. There are dancing techniques designed to better the body awareness and balancing. Not just for the ageing ones, these techniques have also proven to be effective for athletes and injury-stricken people.

No age to learn

Is there a reason or an age to learn dance? No! Since, there exists a dance form for every body type, you can learn to groove at any age. All you need is a music genre that you feel like swaying to and determination to learn a new hobby.

No sophisticated or expensive setup required

Unlike other hobbies, dancing doesn’t require you to buy a new equipment or do an elaborate setup. A few square feet of space around for you to move across, some soulful music that you can relate to, and willingness to let your body do the rest, is all you need!